Why Were These Teachers Twerking In Class?

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By April Taylor

Reports of inappropriate twerking seem never ending.  The most recent news to break regarding this inappropriate dancing involves two teachers from Olive Branch High School in Mississippi.  The teachers reportedly involved are Greg Abernathy and Connie Lambert who are affectionately referred to as, “Ab and Lam.”

Black News Blog from EUR This N That is reporting that a video has gone viral of the two teachers twerking in front of students in a classroom at the high school.  The video was aired by a Memphis, TN ABC affiliate, WATN-TV, and it apparently includes footage of students laughing at the pair and covering their mouths in disbelief as the pair twerk.

Social media comments indicate that responses to the two’s action is somewhat divided.  Some feel as though the teachers were just having fun and that the dancing should be viewed as innocent entertainment.  Others feel as though the twerking was distasteful and completely inappropriate.

For those who feel as though the performance was nothing more than humorous, they have pointed out that entertaining students can be a way to gain their attention through winning their admiration and respect and also make the teachers appear to be relevant to the popular culture that their students are a part of socially.  The writer of the blog for Black News Blog put it this way:

“I recently saw the 2007 film “Freedom Writers.”  In it, actress Hilary Swank was a teacher at a school for at-risk students.  These kids hated their lives, hated white people, and hated anyone in authority.  Not suprising – seeing as these people never showed any belief in them, their potential or their ability to learn.  Swank was crushed and challenged at the same time.  The students gave her hell.  They had absolutely no respect for her…until she changed her teaching methods.  Take a breath y’all, there are worse things teachers can do (and are doing.).

I think the blogger has a valid point in the sense that teachers must remain relevant to their students or risk losing their respect and attention.  While twerking may generally be viewed as distasteful and inappropriate, any dance has the opportunity to be tasteful when put in the right context.  The students clearly enjoyed the performance, and people should take into account that they do not appear to be offended by their teachers actions.


  1. Corbin

    January 27, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Twerking (to me), is still nasty, but it is slowly being accepted by society, just like gaymarriages. I think a little humor in the classroom is necessary. Most children try to do their best in the classroom and there should be a little fun every once and a while. I do not see any harm done.

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