Why Is Steve Harvey Suddenly Revealing So Much About His Relationship?

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harvey majorieBy Lillian Armstead

Steve Harvey not only writes books about successful relationships, he maintains one with his wife – Marjorie Harvey.  Steve sat down with ESSENCE recently, and shared some secrets of success to living happily ever after.

Steve and Marjorie met 17 years before their marriage.  Steve endured 2 divorces before he and Marjorie officially tied the knot.  However, they both intuitively knew that they would eventually become man and wife.  He told Marjorie the first time he laid his eyes on her, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you.”  Marjorie felt the same about Steve.  She told ESSENCE, “I knew he was The One shortly after I started dating him…but then he just left.”

In 2005, Steve and Marjorie met again.  Shortly thereafter, they were married.  Steve offered insight as to why men take time to decide if they have met the right woman for marriage, “Before a man can be of use to a woman…he’s got to know who he is, what he does and how much he’s going to make.”

Steve added, “Every great man has a woman… I didn’t say successful man, I said great man. Greatness is when you’re the husband and father you’re supposed to be.  When everyone surrounding you looks up to you, depends on you, and you come through for them, that’s greatness.”

A Christian man, Steve often talks about how God uses him as a vessel to bring about positive change in the lives of many.  In 2012, full of emotion, Steve walked away from his long standing career as a comedian at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Steve told the audience,

“Somebody tweeted me and said, your career is what you paid for; your calling is what you’re made for.  God has positioned me just this way to be just like I am, to say what I say how I say it. I’m just a living witness that you can be an imperfect soldier and still be in the army fighting for God Almighty.  Don’t you think you got to be perfect ’cause I ain’t.”