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What do you think? Does This 12-Year Old Dance Like Beyonce?

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Beyonce is probably the hottest thing in the world right now and every little girl wants to imitate her.  Is this good or bad?  It depends on who you ask and what people are imitating.   This video was sent to us of a little girl moving to the Beyonce song “Partition.”  She’s working it pretty good and looks set to one day become a dancer and performer herself.

The girl’s name is Charlize Glass, and she’s been around for quite a long time.  She’s been dancing hard since she was two years old, and has danced with Ciara, Justin Bieber and a whole lot of other celebs. So, it appears that she’s headed to the top.  She was even featured on the TV show, “Ellen.”

Watch the video of this California native and tell us what you think.  Does she have what it takes?