Too Much? Reporter “Gets Hood” On Camera

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By Barry Burch Jr.

How “hood” is too “hood?”  Though somewhat of a funny question, it is becoming more and more necessary to ask.  Whether it is sports announcers using slang while commentating or an animated news reporter attempting to enthusiastically deliver a “hood” story, everyone seems to at least have a little “hood” in them.

Andrea Isom, a news reporter in Detroit, showed that for her, the “hood” was not too far removed.
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 The reporter gave one of the “hoodest” reports ever.  A woman living on the west-side of Detroit’s home was invaded.  Isom said that although the victim did not want to speak, some of her neighbors and family members did.  After beginning her segment with this announcement, one could only anticipate a member of the family filling viewers in on the incident.  However, it was Isom that did most of the talking, and it was also Isom who took the cake for most “hood.”

“Last night, the lady of this house came home to one he11 of a surprise,” Isom began.  “There was one heck of a party in her pad, but she never got the invite.  Three men had helped themselves to a-l-l-l of her gin an-n-d her Seagrams happy juice.”

“And these cats went crazy,” Isom continued.  “They cooked up all her food, crab legs, shrimp; they even had a bird in the oven.  Can you believe it?  And while they were fixing their feast, they were high as a kite.  Bold huh?”

While viewers may have been waiting for a memorable comment from one of the victim’s neighbors or family members, they received more than enough from the person reporting the news.

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