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The Victoria’s Secret Model Who Also Knows Her Way Around A Computer

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Meet-Lyndsey-Scott-Victoria-Secret-Model-and-Software-DeveloperBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Lyndsey Scott isn’t your typical Victoria Secret’s model. Not only is she physically stunning and been able to model for some of the top designers in the world. What separates Lyndsey Scott from most of them is that she leads a ‘double life.’ That’s right; the stunning 29-year-old model is a computer programmer by day.

A graduate of Amherst in 2006 – a very prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts, Ms. Scott was a double major in theatre and computer science. While her parents always pushed her towards a career in computers, her big opportunity came in 2009 when she became ‘the first-ever African American to get an exclusive runway contract with Calvin Klein (a label that has previously endured criticism for its preference for Caucasian models.)’

In addition to the success Ms. Scott had with Calvin Klein, she walked the runway of Victoria Secret’s show PINK. How about that? Oh did I mention she was cast in Prada and Louis Vuitton presentations.

Ms. Scott tries to keep quiet about her careers. It could be easy to brag and boast about both positions, but she likes to remain focused on what she’s tasked to do when she needs to do it. In the modeling industry whereby it’s easy to become bogged down with pressure to do this and do that, Ms. Scott has found the balance and is making great strides as a computer programmer.

Ms. Scott, as a computer programmer created iPort – ‘an app that allows models to upload their book or portfolio onto an iPad.’ She also created another app called Educate! which is ‘charity based and helps find sponsors for young scholars in Uganda.’ According to PandoDaily, Ms. Scott is currently developing another app to help promote connections (professional, friendship, and romantic)

Sometimes describing herself as a nerd, Ms. Scott has a bright future ahead of her. Her new modeling agent Tony Vavroch of Elite Model Management has expressed an interest in bringing her computer programming skills into the fashion world. For Ms. Scott, leading a ‘double life’ is paying huge dividends.

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