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The Help: Magazine Does Sequence on Black Women Watching White Babies

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the helpBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Strolling down the street, in stores, in malls, and in parks, you can’t help but see the trend of black women caring for white babies. For years, this trend can be seen in many major cities.

What you’re about to realize and recognize is the racial divide in the world on a nanny.

In a project to expose this racial divide, a photographer by the name of Ellen Jacob who is 58 years old told an online news publication that she was inspired to start ‘the project after noticing how it was often black women pushing white babies around on Manhattan’s affluent Upper West Side.’

Throughout her photographs, you see women caring for these children (white) as if they were their own. Pictures of them in the park with the children and waiting at bus stops for the child to go to school shows the commitment and dedication of these nanny’s (black women)

“Ms Jacob says that she thinks the race and class divide is ‘deeply rooted in culture’ and something that cannot be fixed overnight. She adds that most of the nannies are much-loved by families but they still don’t get treated 100 percent correctly.”

In her project, Jacob noticed that many of the women were African. They accepted low wages with no health benefits and/or holiday pay. For most of them, they were content with working as a nanny. The ages for many of them are between the ages of 23 to 60. One of the nanny’s even commented that she is paid less than one of the musical lessons that one of the children she cares for receives.

The world of a nanny isn’t easy. Behind the joy of loving children, you can also see the pain of not being treated fairly (financially). The photos will touch your heart.

[Note: Photos show the racial divide, not a solution to correcting it]

Click here to see.

Source: Mail Online

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is an inspirational speaker, motivator, author, organizer and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for communal change. Email: Follow on Twitter @drsinclairgrey


  1. F Walker

    January 18, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    This has been going on for ages. Only today, it is rare that you will see African-American women serving in this role versus African immigrants. A lot of the African women that are working nanny jobs are immigrants and some have immigration issues (no legal papers or expired visa’s) so they are at the mercy of their employers. Sad situation to be in. The same is not true for white nanny’s. Many are well compensated up to six figures in some cases.

  2. goodbrother

    January 18, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Modern day slavery! America should be ashamed.

  3. Cathie

    January 19, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    generational curse of some sort, it started in slavery, but still goes on to date!

  4. Dark Chocolate

    January 19, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Some people certainly enjoy finding fault even when their is no fault to be found. If the economics of race had been reversed, you would see white nannies taking care of black babies. So what?

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