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The Cold Truth: 6 Blood-Curdling Reasons Why Your Man Might Lie to You

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by John Montsho

If you can’t understand why some men lie, let a man explain some of this to you.  Women lie to, all the time.  You also have your reasons, which of course make you feel justified.  Well, men have their own reasons to tell you fibs, and it may not be what you want to hear.  But here are a few reasons why your man might lie to you and how you can stop it from happening:

1)      Because he’s a liar:  Let’s face it.  Some people are taught to lie from birth.  They don’t believe that anybody has a right to know what’s going on with them all the time, and if you ask the wrong question, you’re going to get the wrong answer. There is no explanation for why some people lie, they just do.  The way to deal with these people is to just avoid them.

2)      He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings:  Contrary to popular opinion, there are a lot of men who lie because they think they are doing the right thing.  Maybe at some point in the past, he saw how emotionally fragile you are and felt that giving you the hard, cold truth would be too much to bear.  You may have brought this on yourself by breaking down miserably every time you heard something you didn’t like or berating him into the ground.  In that case, you might have a better chance at getting the truth if you remain calm when you receive it.

3)      He’s already expressed the issue with you before and you didn’t listen:  If your man told you that he wanted more action in the bedroom and you ignored him so you could focus on doing your nails, then don’t be surprised if he eventually stops “nagging” you about the topic.  By this time, you may have lost him to another woman who opens her ears and listens.  Pay attention to your lover’s needs, at least if you want to keep them around.  Consider it a blessing that he’s bothering you about it instead of taking his needs someplace else.

4)      He doesn’t feel like he can be himself around you:  Men and women have different desires from women in both life and the bedroom and sometimes men are ashamed of the things they truly want.  He may also have insecurities or things about his past that embarrass him.
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  If you give the impression that you need him to always be Mr. Perfect and Superman, then that might be what you get.  But if you want the real version of him, you should show that you accept him all the way around the block.  Once that trust is established, you’ll be amazed at how the walls can come crumbling down.

5)      Because it’s none of your damn business:  Some people think they have an obligation to the truth just because they asked the question.  That’s not reality and might make you a nosy person.  It’s a myth to think that being in a relationship means that the other party has no right to privacy.  You have no right to know who he chats with on Facebook or what he’s thinking about every second of the day.  So, sometimes, rather than fighting to withhold information from you, people just feed you whatever lie they think will make you happy.  Let people have their space and just accept that you’re not going to know everything all the time.

6)      He is afraid of the consequences:  If a man loves you and slept with a woman he doesn’t care about, there is a good chance he won’t tell you.  That’s because a lot of men don’t connect love and sexx the way women do.  Also, people just tend to do what’s best for themselves, which means that, despite your best efforts to get people to always be on board with your agenda, the reality is that they are going to be on their own plan.  So, just know that if there is a huge price for telling the truth, a lot of people are going to lie.  Compare it to a woman with a good husband who “accidentally” gets impregnated by another man.  Sometimes, she might lie to save her family.  Men do the same thing, just in a different context.