Tamron Hall Opens Up About Sister’s Murder, Gets Told to Move On

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MSNBC’s Tamron Hall got a shocking response after she opened up about her sister’s murder at a tamron_hallTelevision Critics Association Panel on Thursday.

During a discussion about her Discovery show Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall, Hall revealed  that her sister had been murdered during a domestic abuse incident and no one had been held accountable. Hall says that she doesn’t know if she’d ever be able to share her sister’s story on the show, but doing the show is part of her duty.

“One of the reasons I wanted to do Deadline Crime is to show compassion,” Hall said.

“Victims and survivors deserve more than a person seeking a headline. My colleague Alicia K and all survivors and victims of violence deserve respect. We are journalist’s not headline hunters. I am grateful that as a reporter and as an anchor people have allowed me to share their stories,” explained Hall, according to TV Newser.

She said that prior to her sister’s death, she’d returned home to find her sister had been abused and the abuser was still in the home. Hall says she kicked the abuser out. But Hall says when she found her sister back with the abuser again, she kicked them both out, and stopped talking to her sister for months, a decision which she regrets. Hall says even though she and her sister eventually made up, she regrets the way she handled the situation.

But according to several tweets from the event, a reporter asking questions at the event was less than sympathetic to Hall’s personal story:

Tamron_hall_tweet.jpgFrom what we hear, Hall weathered the insensitivity like a champ. Hall’s only comment has come by way of a tweet.

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