Study Says That People Sleep With Other People Out Of Revenge

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By Afiya Watkins

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Or is it? According to The Huffington Post, new research puts the popular phrase to the test.

Researchers at the University of Missouri recruited 170 college students who had experienced a recent breakup to participate in a study titled “Rebound Sex: Sexxual Motives and Behaviors Following a Relationship Breakup,” which was subsequently published in the Archives of Sexxual Behavior.

Over the course of eight months, participants’ surveys, interviews and weekly journal entries indicated that one-third of the students had engaged in revenge sexx or rebound sexx within the first four weeks of the relationship ending.

Interestingly, individuals leaving longer relationships and those individuals who were dumped (versus those who did the dumping) were more likely than others to use revenge sexx to cope with increased levels of stress and anger in the aftermath of the breakup, The Huffington Post, reports.

A popular notion in relationship lore, rebound sexx as a way to move on can actually be quite detrimental to healing, researchers point out: “For some people, having sexx with a new partner is a healthy and necessary part of moving on. However, the fact that those who reported the use of sexx to cope with or get over the relationship loss continued to have sexx with new partners even after eight months suggests that, for at least these individuals, this behavior signified a lack of recovery and an inability to move on.”

In other words, participants who used revenge or rebound sexx to cope with the breakup were still having sexx with new partners eight months later, indicating that they may not have moved on to more permanent relationships. This may seem rather counterproductive.

It would suggest that the benefits or hazards to such behavior depend entirely on one’s perspective and what their basic values and beliefs are regarding sexx. Ultimately, it is for each person to decide for him or herself.

So what do you think? Is rebound sexx a healthy or necessary means of healing a broken heart?

Personally, I’m not so sure.


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