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Sinitta’s Mothering Skills Being Questioned by the Media

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The Daily Mail reported that the singer of the song, ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’, Sinitta, felt no shame to fly First Class while her family friend sat with her two children in Economy Class on a winter holiday to Barbados.

However, the family friend explained that there was nothing shameful about the travel arrangement. The fact was that they booked their travel late and so could not get four seats together in any class. Since Sinitta was not feeling very well during the flight, he offered to sit with the eight and the seven year old children that Sinitta adopted with her ex-husband five years earlier.

The tabloid newspaper reported that the singer only travels first class and that on this occasion she posted a photo of the two children on the flight with a joke on twiter: ‘”Why did mama turn left and we turn right?” – “Cause Mama sitting with Santa, don’t complain!” Oops!’

The Daily Mail explained that ‘turning left’ when boarding an aircraft means that you are going to the First Class section while those who ‘turn right’ are people going into the Economy Class cabin.

Given the way airlines deliberately overbook in order to fill all their seats in case there are no-shows, it is not rare for families to be seated separately on a flight. Children can also travel as unaccompanied minors on some airlines.

With an adult friend sitting with Sinitta’s children during the trip to a fun island like Barbados and away from cold Europe for the holidays, perhaps Sinitta should be proud and not ashamed to be giving her children such a treat.

They were seen having fun on the beach, the children were videoed showing off their singing talents, and they were out and about out with Simon Cowell and his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman in Barbados. Sinitta has holidayed with Simon before but insists that the relationship is platonic.

Sinitta, the singer of ‘So Macho’ and other songs, was reported to be relishing her time with her kids on break from a reality television program she was hosting in Austria which involves contestants competing in various winter sport.


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