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Singer Ashanti Gets Twitter-Mobbed for Allegedly Being Anti-Gay

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Ashanti just can’t catch a break.  Not only is her career on the downswing, she is now being attacked for being anti-gay for comments that a lot of people don’t find to be all that offensive.  Ashanti was on Twitter with her 1.5 million followers and asked “who ya’ll got” for the NFC Championship game.

The question about whether the Seahawks for 49ers would win was relatively simple.  But it was her response to a mean remark that got her into trouble.

One user responded to Ashanti’s tweet by stating, “Your flop single.”

That’s when Ashanti made the remarks that some people found offensive: @kicksb4rent don’t be mad at me cause u in the closet… Flop that ya lil b#tch lmao!