Say It Ain’t So? Oprah to Stop Appearing on Every Cover of ‘O’ Magazine

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Every since its inception, Oprah Winfrey has appeared on the cover of her O, The Oprah Magazine, butOprah magazine according to a report in the New York Post, Oprah is planning to end that practice soon.

Having Oprah on the cover has become O magazine’s signature, but Hearst staffers report that Oprah has grown tired of the photo shoots associated with appearing on each month’s cover.

Even though the photo shoot never takes longer than one day, it’s a duty that Oprah apparently just doesn’t want anymore, which has staffers stuck with trying to divine a new idea for the magazine cover.

One idea that’s being circulated is to just decorate the ‘O’ on the cover instead of having a person appear on the magazine cover. That idea may seem a little lame, but then the question becomes, how does O, The Oprah Magazine become about anything except Oprah Winfrey? And if it is still about Oprah, then how does it place someone else on the cover of a magazine that has been structured to highlight and orbit around the ideas of one woman?

Every magazine has its own signature, just as The New Yorker uses a lot of insightful cartoons for its cover, O magazine uses Oprah, so how can the magazine succeed without its hallmark? On the other hand, considering that Oprah is getting older, it’s a given that this formula would eventually require a reassessment.

There is no way to know at present whether the Post story is true, but what do you think? Should Ms. Winfrey retire from appearing on every cover? Would you still be pulled toward buying the magazine if she didn’t appear on each and every cover?