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Sasheer Zamata Debuts On SNL And Kills It

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1390186203000-sasheer-zamataBy David Bloodsaw

Reactions are in for Sasheer Zamata’s debut on Saturday Night Live, the first black female cast member since 2007 and the fifth since the show started – a couple of decades ago. The long running sketch series was under criticism for lack of diversity and this was further spotlighted due to Keneen Thompson’s comments that black comediennes were not ready for SNL. Saturday Night Live took the controversy further thereafter by having special guest Kerry Washington play numerous black female roles in one sketch. According to Sasheer Zamata made a great debut with all that surrounded her first time out.

All eyes were on Zamata for the few sketches she was in, but we definitely felt her mark on the show. Twitter was afire during the show as people tweeted opinions and their views real time of the sketches.

To quote, “experts on the history of SNL have confirmed to theGrio that starting out newcomers with very light duties is common. In fact, Zamata may have been given more air time at her start than other women who have recently joined the show.”

Despite the fanfare of how Zamata was hired, amid the controversy that SNL did not employ enough black females and often resorted to black male cast members to play the female parts – she handled everything quite well. Her first time out with Drake being the guest star probably helped ease the situation and many of the skits came off well. That same SNL episode also debuted two black female writers too.

There were some detractors that believed she was mere window dressing and some people expressed anger toward the push to hire a black female. Except for the Rihanna impersonation, all of her roles were race neutral.

Sasheer Zamata is a seasoned comic and has performed at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City since 2009. Zamata has numerous credits including comedy festivals, tours, commercials, internet, and guest appearances in comedy sketches for television.