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Radio Host Pleads for Help: “If I don’t get this surgery done soon, I will go blind”

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by Liku Zelleke

One of the joys of life is being able to see the beautiful things in life. Our eyesight is something many of us take for granted. But, when confronted with it, most of us can not even bear the thought of losing it.

Sadly, that is exactly what is happening to Kimberly Mitchell-Scotts, 32. Her dream was to become a radio announcer. She realized this dream in 2006. Her daily, mid-morning program on 96.1 WEFM aimed at energizing listeners, made many of her listeners’ lives a little bit brighter.

Now, the mother of one needs help with raising funds to cover a surgical emergency on her eyes.

“If I don’t get this surgery done soon, I will go blind,” she told The Trinidadian Guardian.

While on her honeymoon in Miami, Mitchell-Scott, who is a Type-1 diabetic, noticed that there was something wrong with her sight after noticing an annoying floater in her left eye that just wouldn’t go away.

After she got back home, a visit to an ophthalmologist revealed that she had diabetic retinal detachment (diabetic retinopathy) in both eyes. A second opinion confirmed the diagnosis.

After being advised by her doctor to have surgery done abroad, Mitchell-Scotts went back to Miami. At the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, further tests and laser surgery cost her $3,560.

Now, in order to save her sight, Mitchell-Scott needs to raise $20,000 by January 10th, for a major surgery to fully repair the detachment – money she doesn’t have.

“My surgery is scheduled for January 12, I have to get that money or…I just don’t even want to say it,” she said.

Kimberley Mitchell-Scotts is appealing to the public to save her from the dire straits she finds herself in.

T&T Radio Networks, the parent company of 96.1 WEFM is advertising a “Smoke cue” to be held at Mr. Chow’s Smoke House on Tragarete Road. Those wishing to support the cause can get tickets at TTRN’s Targarete Road offices. (Ticket Price: $50 – half of it goes to Mitchell-Scotts).

Those that want to make direct donations to Mitchell-Scotts will be able to do so after she opens a bank account. Until then, they can do so by contacting her on Facebook and Twitter (@Kimberly961).


  1. King Tut

    January 6, 2014 at 6:15 am

    It sounds to me like she is being denied health coverage on the pretext of a preexisting health condition. She should explore her options within the Affordable Care Act. One of the biggest selling point about this new health care law is that it does permit patients to be treated in a discriminatory manner because of their pre-existing health condition.

  2. King Tut

    January 6, 2014 at 6:17 am

    The article does not mention that she is not an American

  3. Barbara

    January 6, 2014 at 11:25 am

    The article seems to imply she’s from Trinidad. If she’s not an American citizen, she does not qualify for the Affordable Health Care Act–not unless Trinidad is part of the American Virgin Islands.

    Good luck to her. I hope she gets the money she needs. She should try the “GoFundMe” fund raiser so people all across the country can contribute.

  4. Shirley

    January 7, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    My dad is also on the verge on losing hus eyesight. He is 54 and has been fighting to get help for over a year because he is in congestive heart failure. Now he is fighting to keep his eyesight to. This country is messed up. When did it becine okay to give people help that dont really need it and leave people who really need it.

  5. Nell Barnett

    January 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    One step at a time for the sake of clarity. If both of the individuals are U.S. citizens, they should be covered by the ACA. We need to know this information. Thank you.

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