Police End Search for Missing 7 Week Old Baby

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By Daphne R

In Memphis, TN, a 7 week old baby, Aniston Walker, has been missing for about a week from her home but Memphis Police have never issued a missing person’s alert.

The mother, Andrea Walker, 33, told police that she left Baby Aniston at home with her 3 year old brother on Thursday, January 9 while she drove her 5 year old son to school. Both children were said to have been asleep when she left the house. But, when she returned home, she says Baby Aniston was missing but the 3 year old was still there. Interestingly, the mother was not the person who reported the baby missing. Traymond Chitim, the two older boys father, was the first person she called and he in turn called police.

Police searched for Baby Aniston in and around the home using cadaver dogs including at a nearby pond but came up empty handed in their search efforts. Saturday, three days into the search for Baby Aniston, they called off the search efforts stating that they had looked everywhere they could.

Even neighbors searched their trash cans and barbecue grills for the baby, but no trace of the infant was found. “I looked in my garbage can and I looked to my barbecue grill and there was nothing,” Debra Finley, a neighbor, told WREG News.

Finley said she was surprised to hear about the baby’s disappearance because she wasn’t aware the child even existed.

“I knew she had those boys but not the baby. Sure didn’t,” said Finley. “I’m just [as] surprised as everybody else.”

Andrea Walker was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and aggravated neglect and remains the chief suspect in what the police call “suspicious circumstances”. Police have stated that Ms. Walker has given them “deceptive and vague” answers to their questions so far.

WMC-TV News in Memphis uncovered court documents that revealed the search items that were confiscated in the search on the mother’s house and car by homicide investigators. In the affidavit which supported the search warrant, officers wrote that there was no evidence of forced entry into the home and everyone who had keys to the home had not been by the house. Items taken by police included a baby blanket, a baby jumper, a baby pacifier, and assorted papers and receipts. From the search of the car, they took one red #95 Lightning McQueen backpack, 5 diapers, a bag of plastic gloves, a bottle of Off repellent, tissue, two used tubes of rash cream, a tube of Carmex, a bottle of baby oil, two toys, and a small first aid kit.

Andrea Walker remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. She has told her lawyers she expects to be charged with stiffer sentencing soon.

In the span of a week, the police have come up short in their investigation, no baby, no real evidence and there still hasn’t been an Amber alert issued. Concerned citizens have put together Facebook pages one of which I received an invite to recently by one that appears to have been set up by relatives of the missing baby. People that are a part of the page are deeply concerned about the baby’s welfare, but seem to be more concerned that the police have yet to issue a missing person’s alert. The initial post to the page reads as if written by the baby herself as follows:

“Will you help?

On Thursday, January 9, 2014 Baby Aninston was reported missing. The Memphis Police department (MPD) did not issue an Amber Alert for Baby Aninston. She was not important enough for the MPD to ask other states and the nation to help find her. Instead of asking people to help search for Baby Aninston, they brought cadaver dogs. Instead of passing out flyers and asking for information, they searched the trash. The police and the media did not think much of me. They stopped search lakes and dumpsters after three days. They had no hope for me. I am missing and alive. Will you help me? They didn’t.”

Police appear to have stopped searching for the baby. Instead, they have told local media that they are hoping someone comes forward with information soon. Andrea Walker is due back  in court on Tuesday, January 21.


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.