Phaedra Parks’ Husband Is Under Serious Restrictions Due To His Recent Federal Charges

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By Daphne R

Apollo Nida, best known as the husband to Real Housewives of Atlanta star attorney, Phaedra Parks was arrested and is facing several years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft charges. For now, Nida has been released on $25,000 bail according to court documents discovered by However, the documents point out some rather strict conditions of his release.

Apollo Nida is required to report regularly to his probation officer and actively seek employment, otherwise, he will be immediately sent back to jail. The order to seek employment obviously means that his role on RHOA is not considered employment. Mr. Nida’s movements are also restricted by the court order. He has had to surrender his passport and cannot leave the Atlanta area unless he receives approval in advance from law enforcement officials and even then must be supervised.

In addition to the previously mentioned requirements and restrictions, Nida must also stay away from drugs and alcohol, and he must surrender any firearms in his possession.

With all these restrictions, that’s sure to keep Apollo Nida out of his beloved strip clubs. On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta he revealed he used to go to the strip clubs every night and walked away with up to an $8,000 tab from buying drinks, among other things.

Should Nida violate any of the restrictions while he awaits trial, there will be an immediate warrant for his arrest issued which could result in imprisonment, a fine or both. Nida is no stranger to serving time, in fact, he previously served five years in prison for racketeering.

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