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Oprah Reportedly Changes Her Mind about Having a Major 60th Birthday Party

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by David Miller

According to the New York Daily News, Oprah Winfrey is considering cancelling her 60th birthday bash.  Without citing reasons for the cancellation, a source told the site that Oprah is now reconsidering her original decision to hold a bigger party and may go for something private.

The party was supposed to occur on the 29th of January, with performances by both Beyonce and Tina Turner.  Everything was in motion until Oprah allegedly said that she was having second thoughts.

“The invitations were ready to go out, but she decided not to send them yet,” a source told the site. “Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Tom Cruise and even the Obamas, who were all on the ­invite list, will have to find something else to do that night.”

Oprah usually does her major birthdays big.  Her 50th was also a major celebration with celebrities all over the place. But turning sixty can be another matter. The memories from the last big gala served as inspiration for this one.

“It was one jaw-dropping moment after another,” said Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend.

After turning 50, Oprah held a second, more private party at her home in California, which cost her $50 million.

Oprah says that turning 60 meant that she wanted to “own it.”  The vision of her life at this stage was somewhat different from the reality.

“Because you think of what you thought 60 was and what you imagine 60 to be. But this is how I live my life: I think about all the people that didn’t make it. … I think to be able to claim that number, to own it. Bring it on!” she said.