New AZ Bill Allows Businesses To Discriminate Against Unmarried Women And Non-Christians

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062 would allow businesses to discriminate against LBGT people, unmarried women, and non-Christians.

Republican State Sen. Steve Yarbrough introduced the bill saying a ‘modest clarification was needed in the state’s religious-freedom law.’ The bill will extand to those protected by the religious-freedom law for religious assemblies and institutions to “any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious assembly, or institution, estate, trust, foundation, or other legal entity.”

The Center of Arizona Policy, a conservative advocacy group, has been pushing for a bill such as this because they want to protect photographers and bakers from having to provide their services to same-sex weddings which are not even allowed in Arizona.

Sen. Yarbrough talk about his bill to The Sierra Vista Herald. In his discussion with them, Yarbrough claimed that his bill would allow hotel owners the right to refuse to rent rooms to LGBT people and would ‘protect businesses that had a religious objection to hiring unmarried women.’

Yarbrough has gone on record and said that this bill [Arizona Senate Bill 1062] does not allow discrimination of any kind. It seems as though Yarbrough will have to justify how his bill that seeks discrimination of some kind isn’t discrimination of every kind.

A report by states:

“Sad news for Yarbrough, though:

A similar bill was passed by both the Arizona House and Senate last year before being vetoed by Gov. Jan Breweer (R), who refused to sign any bills until the legislation acting on expanding Medicaid.

So we can all keep our fingers crossed that Republican-turned-RINO Gov. Jan Brewer is still on her meds and will maybe let this bill die in a fire, as it should. For freedom. The actual kind.” 

This is definitely news that is worth following. To learn more about this bill, search for Arizona Senate Bill 1062.

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