Mother In Victoria’s Secret Told To Nurse Her Baby In The Alley

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Reportedly, Victoria’s Secret, the company who makes billions of dollars from advertisements showing scantily dressed women, does’t like it when customers do one of the most natural things in their store, nurse-feed their baby.

According to Ashley Clawson from Austin, Texas, after she had finished buying goods in the expensive lingerie store, to the tune of $150, her baby became hungry.

So, because it is legal in Texas for women to nurse their babies just about anywhere they are entitled to be, the mother of two asked an employee of the store if it they had a private area for her and her son.

To her surprise the 27-year-old mother was told that the store didn’t have any facilities where she could go to feed her four-month-old son and was told that she would have to go outside the building into an alley.

Clawson was taken aback by the employee’s reply so she confirmed what she had heard. She again asked if the store wanted her to go outside, where it was cold and windy, to nurse her child. The employee affirmed her response.

Consequently, the young mother filed two official complaints to the company, but she never received any kind of recognition or apology. So the adamant, offended woman told her story to a Fox affiliate, KTCB.

Upon hearing about her interview with KTCB, the woman finally got the apology she had been waiting for from Victoria’s Secret. They also gave her a $150 gift card from the store and issued an official statement to the Fox affiliate.

The statement said that the management was a little confused about the incident because they have an official store policy to allow mothers to nurse their children while on their premises.

The statement continued “We have apologized to Ms. Clawson, and we are taking action to ensure all associates understand our policy that welcomes mothers to breastfeed in our stores.”

Clawson also took to her Facebook page to tell what had happened at the store and has gained many supporters. However, some are not so kind and understanding.

One commenter wrote that instead of having to nurse her son while she was out, she should just shop online from now on.

However, the young mother hopes that her experience has made stores like Victoria’s Secret more understanding to the needs of their customer, although she admits that the whole experience was “pretty embarrassing and stressful.”