Morris Chestnut Spills the Beans: There WILL be a Sequel to “Best Man Holiday”

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“Best Man Holiday” was a smash hit and made millions for those who spent 14 years waiting to do a sequel to the first film.  So, you probably expected that there would be another one, and you’re definitely right.

During an interview with Jimmy Boom Boom, actor Morris Chestnut has confirmed to the public that there is going to be yet a third installment of the popular franchise.

“As of right now, Malcolm Lee, the writer/ director, is writing another [Best Man],” Chestnut said.

There is not much word on how the sequel is going to be structured, but based on the previous film, there is going to be another straight forward recipe of comedy, drama, and tear jerking, which served as a perfect model of success for Malcolm Lee and his co-workers.

But Chestnut says that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the sequel, since Lee isn’t telling anyone anything.

“[Malcolm] has only told me about a few of the details for the movie… but I do not know who Terrence is gonna marry,” said Chestnut. “All I know is, it’s gonna be really interesting.”

Chestnut gave credit to Terrance Howard for providing comic relief in the previous film.  He says that the balance was necessary to help the audience deal with the complex emotions of the previous project.

“We definitely needed that balance, because there were a lot of very deep, emotional moments,” he said. “Terrence brought that humor where the audience needed to let go and just have a laugh.
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Chestnut has been working quite a bit lately.  In addition to appearing on “Best Man Holiday,” he also co-starred in the latest version of the film “Kickass 2,” and got a recurring role in the popular series, “American Horror Story.”