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Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick’s Siblings Knew She Moved to be Close to Marvin Sapp

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by Darrell Woods

Dr. Teleka Patrick’s siblings apparently knew that their sister had moved to Michigan in order to be closer to Pastor Marvin Sapp, a respected gospel singer.  According to, Patrick’s Twitter account reveals that the woman’s siblings, Eddie and Tenesha Patrick, promised that they wouldn’t say anything but gave her a deadline for when she had to tell her parents what was going on.

Patrick tweeted under the name, @Caligurl2013.

“My sister and brother know about you,”€ Patrick tweeted.

It is believed that Patrick’s tweets and Youtube videos were aimed at Sapp himself, who denied her at a church service shortly before her disappearance.  She wrote an estimated 20,000 tweets to an unnamed love interest.  Sapp is believed to be the target of the tweets, since he filed a restraining order against her shortly before she disappeared.

“They think I am insane for relocating without any direct contact,” Patrick said in a tweet in May of 2013. “They support me though. I told them that God spoke to me about you and He is sending me to you.

“They have agreed to allow me to explain to my parents why I relocated when I feel the time is right. So they are keeping mum. Our compromise is that I tell my parents before 2013 is up.”

Patrick has been missing since December 5, 2013.  She finished her shift and tried to get a hotel room in downtown Kalamazoo.  After not being able to get the room, her car was found off of I-94 near Portage, Indiana.

The young doctor’s brother was concerned about her tweets, stating that he thought she was tweeting herself.  He even threatened to contact Sapp if she didn’t stop.  But Patrick persisted, seeming to believe that she and Sapp had a telepathic connection.

“My brother thinks I am tweeting myself,”€ Patrick said. “I can’t explain anything now can I? I talked with my brother this morning again. He is very concerned but I did ask him to hold off on what he was going to do.”