Millions of Women on the Verge of Being Homeless

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By Connie K. Grier

As many women reach pinnacles in areas such as politics and degree achievement, there is a significant segment of the female population that either faces or lives daily with poverty and teeter on the verge of an economical wipeout.

The Grio shared the findings of a new report just released regarding women and the economy. Daniel Arkin, staff writer for NBC News notes that approximately 42 million women and 28 million dependent children are struggling with financial hardship.  These women earning minimum wage make up America’s working poor.

The Center for American Progress and Maria Shriver are co-authors for the report.  In it, they discuss not only wage disparity but also how even with the raised levels of empowerment, education and political participation that women experience, women still make up close to two-thirds of minimum wage earners.  As the minimum wage is not a living wage, individuals find it close to impossible to make ends meet with the amount; let alone support a family with the amount.
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According to Arkin, the report weaves the personal stories of today’s working women together with “public, private and personal recommendations that can help reignite the American Dream for women and their families”

One of the suggested solutions put forth by Ms. Shriver involves a change in mindset for women.  She proposes that more women begin to think of themselves as “providers and not being provided for”.  She also suggests that more men support their wives and partners as they take on provider roles that can have long-term positive impact for themselves and their families.

I would like to throw two non-mentioned suggestions into the ring. First: encourage women to tap into their entrepreneurial sides.  Honing in on your talent and skills and sharpening them for the marketplace is not only empowering, but also levels the playing field of economic opportunity.  Not every woman craves formal education, but EVERY woman has a gift or talent area.