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Marvin Gaye’s Ex-Wife, Berry Gordy’s Sister, Dies: She Kept Him From Getting Dropped by Motown

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Anna Gordy

If you’re old enough to remember the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye, then you’ll know that he was married while young.  Anna Gordy Gaye was the sister of the boss and an older woman who found Gaye to be irresistible.  But the marriage ended after 14 years, since Gaye eventually did the reverse and married a younger woman himself before he died.

This is the end of an era of beautiful and powerful music.  Marvin Gaye set himself apart at Motown by producing songs that made him the most iconic of all performers on an array of amazingly talented people.   Gaye also gave his wife credit for protecting him from being dropped from the label, since his music was an eccentric twist to the kinds of stuff they were putting out at that time.  So, maybe one of her biggest contributions to the world is that she kept Gaye’s voice alive to the world by supporting him.  We might not have known about him otherwise.

Anna Gordy passed this week at the age of 92 at her home.  She was fortunate enough to have died from natural causes and was discovered by members of her family when she died.  She was married to Marvin for 14 years, divorcing him in 1977.  She was the inspiration behind his double album, “Here my Dear.”  The album was required as part of the divorce settlement, where Marvin had to use the money to pay alimony to his estranged wife.

May Anna Gordy Gaye rest in peace.

Huffington Post says more: 

During a 1979 interview with People magazine, the Grammy Award winner credited his marriage to Anna for saving his Motown career.

“I do believe the fact that I was married to Berry Gordy’s sister saved me from getting my contract ripped up several times,” Gaye said. “Let’s face it, I’m a little strange by most standards. I truly feel I’m an artist and I don’t give any quarter nor do I ask any … I gotta take the responsibility to show up every night. I may as well make the people who promote me happy and assured that I am not the unstable flake they think I am.”

via Anna Gordy Gaye Dead: Marvin Gaye’s Ex-Wife Dies At 92.