Marissa Alexander Twist: Counselor In The Sheriff’s Office Being Investigated

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By Connie K. Grier reports that a Jacksonville, Florida judge has ruled that Marissa Alexander will remain free on bond after prosecutors accused her of violating her home detention by going on excursions not approved of by the court.  While prosecutors stated that these violations were deliberate, Circuit Judge James Daniels expressed  “This was not a willful violation, this was a mistake and mistakes happen.” There was censure on behalf of the judge regarding the actions of the Jacksonville’s Sherriff’s office.  According to the judge, too much leeway was given to Alexander in terms of her leaving her home.  Since Alexander had checked with the Sherriff’s office before every trip and received approval, she will not be charged with violating her detention plan.  The Sheriff’s office employee, who approved each one of Alexander’s trips away from home, is now facing an internal investigation.

Alexander’s home retention “prohibited her from leaving her residence except for court appearances, medical emergencies and to satisfy any requirements of her pretrial services program,” according to Assistant State Attorney Richard Mantei, who is also attempting to hold Alexander personally liable based on the numerous times that she has operated outside of the strict regulations of her bond.  Defense Attorney Richard Zimet stated that his client had done exactly as she had been instructed to do.

While the judge and prosecutor believed that the Sherriff’s office allowed Alexander to move around too freely, both parties agreed that there was no evidence that she had tried to reach out to her estranged husband, which definitely would have raised red flags.
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Alexander being out on home detention gives the courts the right to restrict her movements.  Who is at fault here?  Is it Wilson from the Sherriff’s department for granting her the travel, or Alexander for asking for travel in the first place?