Man Gets Into Five Hour Argument With His Wife, Then Jumps From 22nd Floor Window

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Whenever you read about someone committing suicide, there has to be some kind of sadness to grip your heart. Why? Because someone thought that life and/or a situation was so dramatic and devastating that the only viable solution for them was suicide.

That’s what happened to the British boss of Indian car giant Tata Motors, Karl Slym after receiving a three-page letter from his wife, Sally, detailing a ‘family problem.’ It appeared that his wife was so enraged with him that she stopped speaking to him. That’s when Slym climbed out of his window while staying on the 22nd floor of the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel and jumped to his death.

According to reports, “Mrs. Slym had accompanied her 51-year-old husband to Bangkok for a board meeting of Tata Motors’ Thailand unit.’ Once there, the couple had an argument on Saturday, which became loud to observers.

As mentioned, Mrs. Slym gave her husband a three-page letter detailing family problems. After she gave him the letter, she went to sleep. Early in the morning, she received a knock on her door only to learn that her husband jumped from the 22nd floor to his death. Mrs. Slym was treated for shocked and interviewed by local authorities. She told the authorities, ‘we rowed and rowed about family business from about 7pm. Then I wrote a long letter and went to bed.’

Police have ruled out murder. Many questions are surrounding why Mr. Slym would take his own life. The couple had been married 29 years and would have celebrated their 30th year anniversary this summer.

Mr. Slym was a talented engineer who provided strong leadership to the Indian auto industry. A friend of Mr. Slym said, ‘he was a fantastic colleague and a great family man. He worked hard but he also enjoyed the good things in life.’


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