“Kim Kardashian’s Friend Shows You Why Bμtt Implants Can Leave You A Little Embarrassed”

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EXCLUSIVE Blac Chyna's lumpy butt is terrifying!

By Barry Burch Jr.

Bμtt implants can most definitely kill you.  And if they do not kill you; they won’t necessarily make you any stronger.  Ask rapper Tyga’s fiancée Blac Chyna, who is most famously known for being BFFs with Kim Kardashian.  If bμtt implants were all they were made up to be then why is this young lady among the many women who are being rushed to doctors for their life-threatening malfunctions?

According to a source at, Blac Chyna had to visit her doctor’s office today following an acrobatic performance by one of her bu+t implants.  One of them, reportedly the one on the right, flipped upside down.  Unfortunately for her, an photographer was also on the scene, and was able to capture some less than flattering shots of the socialite attempting to hide the mishap.  Blac Chyna can be seen with a bit of a disgruntled look on her face, pulling down her top to conceal her damaged bu+t cheek.

Though Blac Chyna, 26, allegedly received her lumpy implant surgery from the same board certified plastic surgeon as Kim Kardashian, the photographs reveal the exorbitant risks of chasing beauty under the knife.  More particularly in the case of bμtt implants and injections.

In a movie titled “Buttloads Of Pain,” Wilbert L. Cooper of Vice Magazine offers his take on the inherent dangers of such a surgery.  “These procedures can trigger a strong autoimmune response as the body attempts to expel the foreign substance, resulting in inflammatory reactions such as polyps, boils, skin discoloration, and even necrosis,” he explains.  “These substances have also been known to migrate through the body and fuse themselves to organs, or enter into the bloodstream, spreading infection throughout the body and causing septic shock—which can lead to the amputation of infected body parts or, in the worst cases, death.”

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