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Kerry Washington’s Husband is Retiring from Football

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by Connie K. Grier

According to a December 27 article in People magazine, Nnamdi Asomugha, husband of actress Keri Washington, has announced his retirement for professional football; sharing “another journey is starting for me right now”.

That journey involves a visit from the stork, according to the tabloid.   The news of the couple’s impending arrival surfaced in October.  Congratulations are in order, but before you hang up your jersey, Mr. Asomugha, an open letter of advice.

Dear Number 28:

Congratulations on both your retirement and the addition to your family.  You may have thought that retiring from football would allow you to get caught up on rest, have more control of your schedule and allow you to explore previously set aside pursuits.  You will soon come to appreciate a different perspective on “retirement”.  Before your bundle of joy arrives, I would like to share a few pointers:

1.  Please be sure to huddle with the Mrs. in order to ensure that agreed upon responses are actually agreed upon in advance.  Natural childbirth or medically supported childbirth?  Will you be “suited up” with a scrub mask and gown in the delivery room or will you be suited up in a jersey in the waiting room, sending positive vibes?  Is the cast of Scandal invited to celebrate the momentous occasion?

2.  The best players (and fathers) are the ones who leave the sidelines and jump right into the role.  Yes, it is a little scary having to handle your precious cargo, but most dads adjust to this task wonderfully; and besides: a fumble in this instance will get you more than a flag.

3.  One of more challenging aspects of being a player on the fatherhood team:  diaper duty.  Some fathers find it hard to become a natural at this event, and will often try to pass the duty off.  Today’s mothers are on high alert, and will subject you to a pass deflection, the likes of which you have never seen.

4.  Make sure you spend some time in the end zone, talking with other fathers.  Every minute won’t be perfect, but there is usually a piece of sage advice from a father’s perspective that will help you appreciate every second.