Hospital Mixes Up Babies, Mother Breastfeeds the Wrong One

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by Sagan Mitchell

A story from has people shocked.  A mother says that a hospital in Houston gave her the wrong baby and the family is distraught by what happened.

Jessica Escobedo and Aaron Powell had their last child at Oak Bend Medical Center.   But on the second day of the child’s life, they brought the wrong baby to the mother at feeding time.

Escobedo claims, “the next morning when they brought my baby back in for feeding time the nurse brought in the wrong baby.”

She says that after seeing that it was the wrong child and that the wrong band had been put on her arm, the mother asked where her real baby was.

“I asked the nurse where was she and they actually took my baby to another mother she was over there for like two hours and the other mother actually breastfed and didn’t notice that she had the wrong baby,” says Escobedo.

Powell says, “this could’ve been something like I see in the movie I didn’t think I’d see my own child getting handed to someone else and they put their nipple in her mouth.”

The family is angry with the hospital and demanding that they explain what went wrong.   They say that the fact that the babies all have bands means that there was no excuse for this kind of error to occur.

“I felt a mistake that big the hospital should’ve asked my daughter what do you want to happen at this point and it didn’t happen like that,” said the baby’s grandmother, Geneva Fuentes.

Dr. Douglas Thibodeaux, the Chief Medical Officer at Oak Ben, says, “the agency nurse failed to follow protocol which was checking both bands one on the baby one on the mother.”

Wow, this is kind of stunning.

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