Guess Who Wrote Some Of Beyonce And Rihanna’s Greatest Hits?

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makeba riddickBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

“Come here Rude boy, boy Can you get it up Come here Rude boy, boy is you big enough Take it take it Baby, baby Take it, take it Love me Love me” Who didn’t run to the dance floor when the DJ played this song? Not too many of us! Any of us without rhyme or reason were waiting to hit the dance floor and “wine” on this song.

Although the beautiful and talented Rhianna made the song famous; like this and several other hit songs, there was someone behind the curtains. Say “Hello and thank you” to Makeba Riddick. She was the genius behind such hits as Rihanna’s “Rude Boy and Beyoncé’s “Déjà Vu.”

A Baltimore native, Makeba Riddick had been working diligently in the music industry for years penning hits for our favorite artists including Grammy nominated Tamar Braxton’s hit “Love and War.”

Interning at Sony after college, Makeba moved to BK. She worked as a temp for a human resources company during the day to help pay the rent and recorded demos throughout the night, oftentimes returning to work the next day without a wink of sleep. On the edge of quitting, it was then that Riddick got the break she so needed from “Queen Bey” asking to work for her.

According to, Makeba was intereviwed about her come up, the inspiration behind some of her number one hits and the song she wish she wrote. “Whenever you get a song that goes to number one, it’s incredible because it’s so hard for that to happen. We worked so incredibly hard on the “Rated R” album and I was just happy to see one of the songs I wrote be the single and go to number one. Rhianna actually hit me up and said “Can you believe ‘Rude Boy’ was the song that took off from the Rated R album?” and we just laughed about it because we had so much fun writing that song and working in the studio.”

When asked if she keeps the artist in mind when she’s commissioned to write songs, Makeba stated she always has that specific artist in mind. “I think of their range, what their voice is, what they may be going through in their life and what maybe going on in their career at that time. I really try and tap into their head space so when they sing it, it can really be authentic and genuine to them.”

Makeba has been in the studio working with such artists as J. LO and she is scheduled to go back in the studio with Will. I. Am and the new Tamar Braxton album.

On working with such greats as Beyoncé, Makeba says, “This is not happening. I’m about to be in the studio with Beyoncé’ then a little bit of doubt set in. But just walking into that door, meeting her, shaking her hand for the first time was so surreal. Then I woke up from the dream three weeks later. We wrote the whole “B-Day album. I co-wrote seven songs with her. It was just a magical experience how those songs came together. Shortly thereafter “Déjà vu” shot straight to number one and I said to myself if I’m not doing this I’m not doing nothing in this life.”

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