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Gabrielle Union Has Both A New Husband And A Cool New Job

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being mary janeby Connie K. Grier

BET (Black Entertainment Television) has over the past decade slowly devolved into Blatant Eye candy Television with most of its offerings being reality shows and videos interspersed with shows having characters that were attractive on the surface but lacking depth.

Enter Mary Jane.

Mary Jane, the name of the girl next door, the inconsequential non –star: until Gabrielle Union wins the role.  The acting does not come off as over the top, just the right mix of believability and fantasy to keep audiences intrigued.  Union presents Mary Jane as just one more “soldier in stilettos” (Thank you for such a catchy phrase, Michelle Davis-Govan! it describes her perfectly!).  She is a woman navigating the minefields of life and love while also creating small cracks in the glass ceiling via her role as a female anchorwoman.  BET was happy to have a series that they had a show that was a “perfect fit for a black female demographic seeking a realistic, complex single character handling life in utterly imperfect ways” according to Rodney Ho, writer for Access Atlanta

The creator of the show, Mara Brock Akil, was also the creator of the popular sitcoms “Girlfriends” and “The Game”.   According to Access Atlanta, Akril wanted to paint a more realistic picture of single women than she had done on her previous television series.

The show’s creator is careful to mention one thing:  that this drama is fictional and not based upon her life.  She is also pleased that the show is not racially polarizing. According to Akril, anyone can watch her show, and enjoy the ride!

Mary Jane may not be scandalous, but it fills an entertainment void on a station that had been for many people written off as incapable of improvement.

Happy Viewing!