Funny or offensive? A Song Written Just for “Baby Mamas”

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By Barry Burch Jr.

Everyone knows…or rather, everyone should know that the popular term of endearment, in some circles, “baby mama” is not race or nationality sensitive. Anybody can get it, so to speak. With that being said, a video showcasing a Black and a White woman, together, debunking the ugly connotations that so often come along with the term is refreshing.

Though “baby mama” may have originally been a term used to refer to mothers of babies born out of wedlock, today it is regularly used with other meanings as well, including any single mother. In a video that has quickly garnered thousands of viewers, two moms, with the help of their children, show that even though motherhood can be challenging, it is still a lot of fun.

To what begins as the tune of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” the two moms hilariously tell their story. “This goes out to all of the baby mamas. And all the baby mama’s mamas” begins one of the moms. “If you’ve ever changed a diaper, kissed a boo boo, or made a sack lunch, this one’s for you.”

She continues “Straight out of Walmart, I’m a mama with an attitude. Stirring up the sweet tea, with the ice cubes.”

The other mother chimes in, “Whippin’ in the kitchen, so you know we be grubbin’. Got to stay fresh, whole house got the plug-ins. Dinner in the stove, cookies in the oven. Hands off the food until it’s done, I ain’t bluffin’.”

The video, at less than two minutes, is jammed with great one-liners. The mothers are also, in the video, able to touch on the true responsibilities that come along with being a mother, which can range from taking care of the children when they are sick to dealing with their bad behavior.

The song closes out with a nice-voiced young man on the hook. “This girl’s on fire,” he sings. “Type of girl I admire. This girl’s on fire. She’s hot.”

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