Fantasia: “I’m not depressed, I’m blessed”

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By Lillian Armstead

Fantasia Monique Barrino, the R&B singer, and American Idol winner recently sat down with the ladies on the talk show ‘The View.’  When the discussion turned to infidelity, and dating married men, Fantasia had a lot to say based on her relationship with the married man Antwuan Cook.  Antwuan ultimately went back with his wife after fooling around with Fantasia, according to EEW Magazine News.

Out of the relationship, Fantasia conceived a baby boy.  However, Antwuan decided to reconcile with his wife, leaving the R&B singer sad and lonely.   Fantasia who is currently starring on Broadway in the play ‘Midnight,’ now warns women to stay away from married men.

‘If that is the situation, run, run as fast as you can, [you] can’t catch me, I’m the Ginger Bread man.’

A native of High Point, North Carolina, Fantasia recalls being a church girl and loving to sing songs to her family and church members.  However, things began to change when she entered the ranks of Hollywood.  She found herself leaving her roots and engaging in behavior that led to an alleged suicide attempt, and the adulterous affair.

Although Fantasia has moved past the tabloid and talk show innuendos about her shameful relationship with Antwuan Cook, rumors still persist that she is in a state of depression, and that she is suicidal.  Fantasia responded to the haters with:  ‘I’m not depressed.  I’m blessed! And I think that when you carry that, there is people who will try their best to try to nit and pick and try to find things that used to could break Fantasia, but that Fantasia is gone.’

Although Fantasia has been through a lot of stress, drama and turmoil, she seems to be on the right track now.  If her appearance on ‘The View,’ is indicative of her overall state of well-being, she appears to be the picture of health, happiness and success.