Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Rushed to the Hospital

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by Eric Carter

It is being reported that Eddie Murphy’s 6-year old daughter has been rushed to the hospital.   The girl started bleeding out of her nose uncontrollably, leading her to be taken to the emergency room.   The girl, whose name is Angel, is the daughter of Murphy and Melanie “Mel B” Brown.

“This morning’s been a little bit crazy because my 6-year-old Angel was feeling not very well yesterday, she was a little bit dizzy and had her first nosebleed, so I kept her off school,” Brown said on her radio show. “And then this morning she woke up feeling completely disoriented, and blood was just funneling out of her nose like no tomorrow. So I rushed her to the emergency room, I just literally left there like half an hour ago. She had a blood test, a heart murmur thing on … poor little thing!”

Right now, doctors have no idea what’s wrong with the little girl, but they are deeply concerned about her condition.

“They’ve just done a bunch of blood tests so we’re just waiting for that stuff to come back. But they’re thinking it’s either some kind of a heart murmur or a vessel infection or sinus infection. A lot is going on!” her mother continued, according to EUR Web. 

Murphy is now 52 years old, and dated Melanie for a year in 2006.  The two went through a nasty battle over child support after the child was born, but appear to be unified in making sure their daughter is OK. We wish them the best.