Eddie Murphy Plans To Sue Comedian Who Keeps Saying He’s His Father

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0121-eddie-brando-murphy-1by Barry Burch Jr.

More money more problems may ring true for comedian Eddie Murphy.  Despite having one of the most expansive and inspiring careers he has also seen his share of negative publicity.  However, this time the extra attention is not for something he did, but rather for what his allegedly wannabe son did and is still doing.

There is a comedian not-so-subtly insinuating that Eddie Murphy is his father, as reported by TMZ, and that notion is not being reciprocated.  Eddie has actually gone on the attack.  The actor’s attorney sent a number of letters to Brando Murphy.  In them, he claims that Brando did everything but post Eddie Murphy was his father on a billboard.

According to TMZ, Eddie’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has threatened to sue him for millions if he does not end the pitiful tirade.  In letters obtained by the site, Brando is accused of changing his last name to Murphy, performing with Richard Pryor’s son, Mason, in the “Sons of Comedy” tour, and last but not least, showing up at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Eddie frequents and screaming, “My father won’t talk to me!”

Despite threatening letters from Eddie’s pit bull attorney, Brando will not seem to back down.  He sent Eddie a threatening letter of his own.  In the letter, Brando claims to never have presented himself as Eddie’s son.  He also called the accusations being made by Eddie “vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome.”

Brando claims that Eddie is attempting to intimidate him, but it will not work.  He says that if Eddie continues with his behavior he will be left with no other choice than to sue him for defamation.

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