Cop Accused Of Forcing His Wife To Turn Tricks For Money

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By Daphne R

A former Baltimore police officer entered a guilty plea for teenage prostitution on Wednesday. What makes this story so interesting is that one of the two teens he’s being charged with prostituting is his 19 year old wife.

Prosecutors say the business saw more than 300 customers between February 2013 and May 2013.

Lamin Manneh, age 32, says he is guilty of operating the prostitution business. He even admits to using the internet and telephone to operate the business, as well as, traveling across state lines. Manneh is said to have placed more than 5o advertisements for his teenage prostitutes online, and rented an apartment and hotel rooms for them to perform intimate services. He would even drive them to meet with customers at residences and hotel rooms. He faces a five year maximum prison sentence and a lifetime of being supervised upon his release.

Police documents reveal that his teenage wife had actually entered into a “contract of slavery” agreement with her husband and had agreed to submit to him as her “master”. Manneh would collect all of his wife’s earnings and a percentage of the other teen’s earnings.

According to the indictment against Manneh, he had provided the women with cell phones and instructed them how to talk to clients. At times, he would wait outside the room while the women serviced their clients, while wearing his police-issued service revolver. He would also provide the women with synthetic marijuana.

Although prostitution is considered a victim-less crime carried out by consenting adults, the fact that Manneh forced his wife into prostitution removed the ethical definition of consent.

At the time of his arrest, Manneh had just graduated from the police academy and was still on probationary status.


 Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.



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