Bobbi Kristina and Hubby Defend Their Brother-Sister Marriage: ‘We Were Young..’

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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and new hubby Nick Gordon are finally speaking out andbobbi-nick1 defending themselves against critics of their ‘brother-sister’ relationship.

Even though songstress Whitney Houston raised Gordon as her son for for 12 years prior to her death, both Gordon and Bobbi Kristina say people are misunderstanding their relationship.

They are not blood relatives, but Gordon was brought into the family and raised by Whitney Houston as her own, so people are struggling to understand Bobbi Kristina and Gordan’s recent nuptials.

In an interview with Extra,  the recently married couple attempted to set the record straight on their relationship.

“The critics can say whatever they want to say… it’s like we have a force field and that s***’s just bouncing off of it,” Nick said.

However, the couple did admit that they once viewed each other as siblings.

Nick explained, “Me calling [Whitney] mom, this where everybody gets the…” Bobbi interrupts, ‘Brother and sister…” Nick added, “We were young. Krissy looked at me as an older brother, and I looked at her as a little sister.”

“She [Whitney] just treated me like she gave birth to me. She treated me like a son. Excuse me for saying this… she treated me better than my birth mother. I owe everything to her,” Nick admitted.

The couple says their feelings for each other grew after Whitney Houston passed away, but Nick says he’s keeping a promise to the singer by marrying her daughter.

“She made me promise several times to look after Krissy,” Nick said. “And, Mom, I will never ever, ever break that promise.”

Bobbi added: “She wanted this. This is something she wanted to see.”