Blackberry Drops Alicia Keys as Celebrity Spokesperson

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There was a lot of media coverage and fanfare when Blackberry added Alicia Keys as “creative director”, another name for celebrity spokesperson, but now that she’s out at the company, no one’s saying much of alicia keys_blackberryanything.

In announcing that Keys was no longer with the cell phone company, Blackberry would only say that it it had “completed our year-long collaboration” with Keys, according to CNN. Blackberry did not offer any additional information on why the collaboration with Keys did not last longer.

Alicia Keys has been with Blackberry since January of 2013, during which time she rallied behind the company’s “Keep Moving Project”, which allowed fans to send pictures of themselves to be used in one of her music videos, as well as the Blackberry Scholars Program.

Although no one knows exactly why Keys left Blackberry, CNN reported that she had made only a few appearances for the company. Dropping Keys may also have something to do with Blackberry’s declining profits. The Blackberry 10 did not sell well and the company has been struggling to compete against Android and iPhone.

Keys is one of a group of high profile celebrities who’ve been paid to enhance high profile brands. Musician and producer is creative director at Intel.

Blackberry has downsized and even dismissed its former CEO as a way of getting back on track, so it’s not hard to believe that the company may’ve dropped Keys as a way to save some cash.

Keys’ time with Blackberry ends officially on January 31st.