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Attorneys Try to Argue that a Model Poured Acid on Her Own Face

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by Liku Zelleke

The story reads like a bestselling crime-thriller. But, the horrifying crime and the mystery behind it is something that actually happened in real life.

Naomi Oni, 21 used to work at Victoria’s Secret in London. On December 30th, 2012 while returning home from work she became a victim of an acid attack. She said she felt a presence behind her and turned to see someone in a niqab. She then felt a “massive splash” as the acid hit her. It caused substantial damage to her face, melted her hair and eyelashes and burnt her tongue as she screamed for help.

The suspected attacker was none other than her own friend, Mary Konye, also 21.

In a bizarre twist to the case, the victim, Naomi Oni was in court on the third day of the trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, to answer to allegations that she had actually poured the acid over herself to “achieve fame and fortune” according to her friend’s QC.

Naomi Oni vehemently denied the allegations.

On the other hand, the prosecution claims that it was Konye who, after donning a full niqab over her head, followed Oni as she made her way home. As she got off at her bus stop in Dagenham, East London, she attacked her.

Evidence presented by the prosecution includes CCTV footage of Konye stalking Oni.

In another twist, Konye admits to stalking Oni. But, she says that it was all part of an elaborate plan by the victim to become rich and famous – just like in the case of the disfigured model Katy Piper, also an acid attack victim.

Konye said that Oni was obsessed with the Piper story and thought that she too could have a “better future” and that “it wouldn’t be the end of the world” if she became a victim of an acid attack.  The disturbing allegation that she poured acid on herself would be shocking if true and disrespectful if false.   The trauma of such an experience would be overwhelming.

The court also mentioned that Oni, who lives in London, had already made several thousand dollars from interviews on TV stations and newspapers.  This appears to be the basis of their argument that the woman threw acid onto her own face to make a few thousand dollars?  Hmmmm, really?

The case continues.




  1. Jennifer McClendon

    January 10, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    That is since less for some one to pour acid on there self “.

  2. Norma Patton

    January 10, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    It this Naomi has just gotten off the bus from work, where did she obtain the acid, it is a shame that a person has to go through the agony of losing her job, her outward appearance over jealousy.

  3. LeahO

    January 10, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Acid in the face is something that I’ve heard of happening when radical muslim men attacking women but ive not heard of women attacking other women. I’ve heard about a woman who had acid poured on her after refusing a marriage proposal. It’s something Muslims do (not all Muslims).

  4. Devon

    January 10, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    It was said in another thread that Oni called thks woman “ugly”. Dont know if thats true but no excuse to disfigure Oni. Hope the crazy chick is locked up.

  5. Hiroader2

    January 11, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Would be “shocking” if true.., “Disrespectful ” if false….

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