5 Year Old Abused and Teacher Doesn’t Even Report It

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Cynthia_Stamps-JonesBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

A school counselor was arrested in Clayton County, Ga for not reporting the suspected abuse of a 5-year-old child. Cynthia Stamps-Jones has been charged with failing to report the abuse. According to reports, Stamp-Jones made several attempts at contacting the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to report the abuse but to no avail.

“The Board of Education employee, who is also a Riverdale councilwoman, claims that no one at the child services organization ever picked up the phone. Stamps-Jones’ attorney, Keith Martin, told Channel 2 Action News his client not only contacted her superiors at work but the school board office as well.” Her attorney went on to report, ‘she did on the morning of the 8th. The afternoon of the 8th. The morning of the 9th,” Martin said. “And ultimately, she called police on the morning of the 10th.”

Georgia law states that suspected child abuse must be reported within a 24-hour window.

In looking at her documentation, Stamp-Jones appeared to have followed the protocol of reporting the suspected abuse. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to satisfy the higher-ups. As an additional note in the warrant affidavits, Stamp-Jones took photographs to accompany her documents.

The county’s Board of Education is conducting an investigation to find out what happened. It appears as though someone has dropped the ball and it’s going to be up to those in charge to determine who is responsible for failing to follow up.

So far, the school has been quiet on the matter waiting for the Board of Education to render their decision. This story will eventually uncover who is ultimately responsible for not taking any action in helping a 5-year-old child facing abuse. All we can do is wait to find out the details and in the meantime, let’s be mindful and watchful of any child facing abuse.

Source: Newsone

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