18 Year Old Student Engulfed in Flames Runs Into Street, but How’d She Catch Fire?

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Rachel Osei

An 18 year old student living in London ran out into the street engulfed in flames and passed away at the scene. But although witnesses heard her screams and saw her running into the street, investigators have yet to determine how the teen caught fire.

Police arrived on the scene after receiving calls that a woman was screaming and on fire in the street, but couldn’t save the woman. The woman, who passed away at the scene, was later identified as Rachel Orsei.

“I heard initially what I thought was a fox making a noise or an animal in pain,” said neighbor Layla Hamid. “I heard four separate screams – the first one right outside the house and then more screams in the road and then behind me on the level crossing.
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Now that I know what it was, I feel chilled to the bone. She must have been in so much pain.”

Orsei, who lived in a dwelling designated for single mothers, was in college studying physical education.

Her devastated father, Jonathan Orsei, described the pain of losing his daughter.

“Rachel was at university training to be a sports teacher,” he said. “She wanted to do well and provide for her son. When I heard about the fire I tried to call her on her mobile phone but there was no answer. I tried to protect her but I could not. I loved Rachel, she was a lovely, lovely daughter. I named her after my mother. I had four children, but now I have only three.”

Investigators are still working to determine the source of the fire.