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Why Was Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Sent to Jail Right Before Christmas?

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When you’re a respected, famous and wealthy comedian, everyone loves you.  So, when they see someone behind the scenes who doesn’t love you as much as they do, they consider that person to be the enemy.

When does that person get a chance to tell their side of the story, and why would they be so filled with anger after standing by the celebrity for 16 years?

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, Mary Vaughn Woolridge, filed for divorce from Steve back in 2005.  That’s just when Steve started to become the super wealthy mogul that he is today.  He was famous before that date, but not on the level that he is on today.

The two not only parted ways, but seem to have become mortal enemies, all at the expense of their son.  Now, Steve’s wife is in jail for violating a gag ordered that required she not reveal any of his personal information to the media.  Apparently, whatever was happening in their legal wranglings was so messy that it could ruin Steve’s sparkling public image.

“Am I angry? Yes,” Vaughn told Fox Dallas-Fort Worth. “I missed six years of my son’s life and I can’t get those years back.”

Steve’s attorneys are up in arms over a series of Youtube videos that Steve’s ex-wife has released to the public.  They claim that the content is misleading and defamatory.

Here is part of the statement released by Steve’s legal team, which sounds like something out of Harvard Law School:

Please be advised that the Law Offices of Bobbie Edmonds represents. Mr. Steve Harvey, in the legal matter which has arisen from another episode of YouTube releases, which contain false, misleading, derogatory, defamatory, disparaging and malicious information about Mr. Harvey, his wife, and children by his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn Woolridge. (current married name) and formerly known as Mary L. Harvey, individually, and through her agent, representative and co-conspirator, Essie Berry aka EssieRerunBerry aka Essie Rerun Berry! aka Essie Nickerson aka Essie Jackson aka Essie Alexander. We filed another Motion for Contempt and Enforcement against Mary Vaughn Woolridge for the recent social media smear campaign and slanderous 2008 child abuse allegations against Mr.Harvey, among other violations of the prior gag order and permanent injunctions issued in 2008, 2011 and early 2013.

Steve’s wife is set to be released from jail on January 17th, long after Christmas is over.   It appears that, whatever happened in this relationship, Steve’s ex-wife hasn’t healed.  She also seems to be in additional pain over the loss of her son.  No one wants to believe that Steve would be the cause of such pain, but you have to wonder if his attorneys have to be so hard on her.

What do you think?  Should she be heard out or is she getting what she deserves?