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Watch Beyonce Perform a Mediocre Song on Star Search: Hint – They Didn’t Win

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Beyonce has been performing since she was in diapers, part of her father Mathew’s grand plan to help his daughter take over the entire entertainment industry.  It looks like their family plan worked, and Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are about to become billionaires.

But it all had to start from somewhere.  This old clip of Beyonce performing on Star Search shows just how long the girls have been trying to make it big.  It also shows that sometimes, you try to start off strong and end up beginning your journey with a little disappointment.  The last thing the clip shows is that Beyonce’s father had a plan from the beginning to make Beyonce the focal point of her group, which probably annoyed the other members.

The girls perform a song with the chorus “All about My Baby.”  The choreography is great, but the song is pretty bad.  The group is called “Girls Tyme,” which has way too many members to become a big name girl’s group.  But you can see the influence that TLC has on the way the girls blend hip-hop with Beyonce’s vocals.   It’s interesting to watch.  Since that time, Beyonce has become nearly as iconic as Michael Jackson, so this goes to show that one set back doesn’t ruin your career for life.  You have to keep going.