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Two Girls Fist Fighting Over a Man Drop 4-Month Old Baby On Her Head in the Parking Lot

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Most of us see what’s going on with young people and how many of them have never learned how to raise and protect kids.  Despite this, they keep having babies, and no one is there to protect them.

A 4-month old girl was caught in the middle of a fist fight between two women and the baby was the main casualty of the fight.  According to, the baby was dropped during the battle, which took place in an apartment complex in Jackson, Tennessee.

The police and Child Protective Services have fortunately stepped in to protect the infant, who is now recovering in the hospital.

“When I came outside I saw police cars, people standing in a crowd,” said Dolly Holloway, a resident of the complex.

The women were so overtaken by rage that they didn’t stop to realize that a young infant was in the way. As a result, the baby was dropped on her head during.   The baby hit it’s skull on the tough concrete in the parking lot, which is a significant injury for anyone, especially a child born in the summer of 2013.

“I’m terribly disturbed by it, for the safety of our community and of our children. I’m…it’s just terrible,” said Holloway.

Police are saying that the women were fighting over a man, but they have yet to confirm if this is exactly what happened.

Captain Tyreece Miller, with the Jackson Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Unit, said that the women became quite hostile toward one another.

“Fists were used, they were actually fighting. One of the women, who didn’t live in the apartment complex, had brought her 4-month-old child with her to the apartment complex,” said Captain Miller.

The baby is now recovering from a skull fracture in the hospital.  She’s been taken out of the custody of her mother and charges are going to be filed against everyone involved in the unfortunate altercation.

“Right now we feel like the child’s environment is dangerous,” said Captain Miller.