Two Babies Killed in House Fire and Aunt Is Only Upset that Her Foodstamps Got Burned Up

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When people are both ignorant and on drugs, you don’t know what you’re going to get.   This story is two months old and local, but very sad.  Two little boys were killed in a house fire after their mother and aunt left the boys at the house all by themselves.   They say they were gone for just a few minutes, and when they returned, the boys had both lost their lives.

The tragedy of course led to a strong emotional reaction from the boys’ mother and their neighbors, which was difficult to watch.  Even a neighbor says he was brought to tears after bringing the lifeless boys out of the burned down home.

The saddest part of the clip is an interview with the aunt, who amazingly, has no regrets about leaving the boys in the house all by themselves.   She says that there is no way that they could know how the fire was started, and that being at home might not have saved the boys anyway.

The worst part of the clip is at the end where  the woman says that she is most concerned about her purse being lost in the fire.   Her greatest fear, right after the death of her two infant nephews, is that her foodstamps had burned up.

When you see this kind of thing, do we overlook it, or do we call it out?

Watch the clip below.  It’s going to make you sad and angry.