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Too Much? Beyonce Criticized for Not Acknowledging the LGBTQ Community in Her Album

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by Brandon Simmons

In a article by Matt Capetola, he writes about Beyonce’s new album questioning whether or not she has welcomed support from her gay fans. Capetola writes about going through the entire project and being disappointed as to not even finding a “single unambiguous nod to the LGBTQ community.”  The closest thing to “queers” that were found were a “nuclear family of mannequins” but nothing else close to it as far as a gay kiss. It could also be the reason that Capetola says that the album is more conservative as opposed to “revolutionary” by those standards. If Beyonce’s music represents any form of conservatism, then DMX should be in the Tea Party.

This article proved to be a good read, but it is hard to fully grant him a legitimate beef. Beyonce has acknowledged gay fans outside of her music, particularly during interviews, but music is a different thing. The booth is where her feelings and emotions are put into digital form and given to you for $15. As the author himself pointed out, she lives in a heterosexual world as a mother and wife. Despite the fantasies and wishes of many males, Beyonce is probably not engaging in any lesbian encounters so it would be hard for her to embrace those ideas for over 14 songs. She can only be true to herself, which really is vital when making great music.


While this year may have seen a lot of support for homosexuality as far as general love or marriage goes, not every musician or celebrity is going to express with their art. It doesn’t mean they are going on a Duck Dynasty tear, but it also doesn’t mean they are obligated to helping that cause.


Give Beyonce a break.