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Toni Braxton’s Sister Says Her Family Gave Her Horrible Relationship Advice

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Everyone at some point or another in their life will seek out bad advice on a variety of subjects. There are some subjects you do not want to get ill-advised on, particularly your relationship. If you are not convinced then ask Trina Braxton. According to, the 38-year-old sister to singer, Toni Braxton, says she did not receive the best advice from family members regarding the publicized troubles of her marriage. The reality star publicly filed for a divorce ending her 10 year marriage to husband Gabriel Solis. But in an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, she said the tips given to her by family really did not see seem too helpful.

 “I think one of the horrible [pieces of advice] that my sisters gave me was to leave,” said Braxton. “I think that’s the worst advice you could give someone because, number one, you never know what you’ll do when you’re faced a situation. And number two, it’s easy to leave. It’s harder to stay and work it out.” Braxton goes on to say that her and her husband plan on working out whatever issues they are having in their relationship.

 The troubles of Trina and Gabriel have been highly publicized mainly in both the rumor websites and their reality TV show. Trina Braxton is part of the show, “Braxton Family Values”, which chronicles the lives of famed R&B singer Toni Braxton and her sisters Traci, Towanda, Tamar and Trina. According to TMZ, on February 2012, an espisode of the show broadcasted that Solis was cheating with someone over the internet but the couple managed to stay together. In June, Braxton filed for divorce from her husband claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. Recently Solis has challenged the divorce claiming that him and Braxton are still in love and able to work out their differences.