Todd Bridges’ Mother Taught Nia Long How to Act – 6 Other Interesting Facts

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By Yolanda Spivey

Nia Long has been in almost every major Black film from the early 90’s to the mid 2000’s. Born on October 30, 1970 in Brooklyn New York, Nia Long got her first acting role in the Disney television movie, The B.R.A.T Patrol.  She went on to appear in a few soap operas and television sitcoms such as the Fresh Prince of Bell AirIn Living Single—and the rest is herstory. Here are six other interesting facts about Nia Long that may interest you:

Her Name is Special– Nia Long’s first name comes from the fifth day of Kwanzaa.  It’s a principal that means and represents “life purpose” in Swahili.

What you talking about Willis?– Todd Bridges mother, Betty Bridges was Nia Long’s acting coach when she first moved to L.A. at the age of seven.  She coached Nia Long for 15 years.

She has a famous sister– Nia Long sister is actress/ comedienne Sommore. The two don’t talk about it publically very often but it is no secret.  The two of them are quite different but what they have in common is the ability to rock a vicious short hair cut.

Who’s her child’s father?- Nia Long is rumored to be engaged to Ime Sunday Udoka, a Nigerian-American former professional basketball player.  Udoka is now the Assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs.  The couple has one son together, Kez Sunday Udoka.  Nia also has another son from a previous relationship.

Nia loves the kids– Nia Long won the first ever “Being Extraordinary Award” from Essence for the charitable work she does with girls in foster care.  The group called HerShe helps girls transition from foster care into adulthood.

Nia loves the animal– Nia is a strong supporter of PETA.  In 2009, she appeared in an ad for PETA that featured her posed naked in a subway car. She stated in an interview, “When I became a mother, I started to really understand the importance of all living creatures in a way that I didn’t ever think about before.  And I’ve realized how important it is that we really take responsibility for…. Treating animals with love and care just like we would any human being.”