Tia Mowry-Hardrict Talks Being Stereotyped Because of Reality Show

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tia-mowry-husband-sonBy Lillian Armstead

Most celebrities are accustomed to rumors and fake stories that appear about them in gossip columns and television entertainment shows.  Recently Tia Mowry-Hardrict, found herself the subject of scrutiny about her appearance in the former reality show on Style Network – “Tia & Tamera.”

Tia said – she cannot be defined by how the reality show depicts her; and that there is more to her life than what is portrayed on “Tia & Tamera.”  Additionally, the reality show only last for one hour – which is too short a timeframe for the audience to see the totality of who I am.

In basing a reality show on who I am as a wife and mother, Tia suggests leads to misjudgment and an overall unhealthy assessment of an individual.

Tia admits that gossip columns are misleading and often report false information.

Tia told “Rolling Out Magazine” that no one validates her as a person – and that her main priority in life is being there for her family.

Tia is uncertain if her reality show “Tia & Tamera” will be renewed for the next season, however she has another project which she is now filming called “Instant Mom.”

In Tia’s show “Instant Mom” she plays the role of a young woman who finds herself giving up her single life of fun, parties and excitement to get married to a man who is her senior.  Her husband in the sitcom brings to the union a ready-made family – he already has three children.

Although the first season of “Instant Mom” is not completely finished, Tia explained how excited she was to film the pilot, and admits that she had so much fun in filming that she can’t wait to complete the rest of the episodes.

Tia was thrilled to know that “Instant Mom” was renewed for second season, according to Christine Thomasos, a Christian Post Reporter.

Tia tweeted after getting the news about the shows renewal, “Life is so beautiful, Yay!”