SWV Reality Show Set To Premiere January 2014

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SVW-Reality-ShowBy Greg B.

The once famed 90s girl group SWV (Sistahs with Voices) consisting of Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, Leanne “Lelee” Lyons and Tamara “Taj” George are set to premiere their new reality show on WE TV.

According to Straight from the A, the show is rumored to be named SWV, and per the site will be filled with expected drama, life challenges and singing from the group.

If you don’t remember the group let me refresh your memory; SWV’s three members are all from New York.

Coko married to Michael Clemons, has given birth to two sons, and has released one R&B album entitled Hot Coko that spawned the smash hit Sunshine and resides from the Bronx.

Taj is married to former NFL player Eddie George and also has two sons. Taj starred in her own reality series, I Married a Baller, alongside husband Eddie George and is from Brooklyn.

Lelee has two children, started her own business, and is currently producing new music she is from the Bronx.

Together these sistahs made a total of 5 albums together. In 1998 the group abruptly separated and went their own way.

1992: It’s About Time

1996: New Beginning

1997: Release Some Tension

1997: A Special Christmas

2012: I Missed Us

SWV recently attended the Essence Music Festival, announced that WE TV had given them a 6 episode show set to air in early 2014 that will detail their lives. It will also address their 1998 breakup and their reunion.

It’s good to see the group reconcile their differences and come together to make a nice series for folks to see. I’m hoping that we can be spared some of the usual over the top drama that has plagued most reality shows. Being that these are some of the queens of R&B who have been successful over the years perhaps their approach will be less ratchet, and classier than most.

Chime in, will you watch the SWV reality show?


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