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Student Offered $8 an Hour for a Christmas Family and Gets Adopted

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By: Britt L

The holidays are always about celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, some aren’t so lucky to have one of the two.

A California college student refused to once again celebrate Christmas and the New Year alone. Jackie Turner, a student at William Jessup University created an add on Craigslist, stating that she was willing to pay $8 dollars an hour to a family who was willing to spend quality time with her.

“I am looking to rent mom and dad who can give me attention and make me feel like the light of their life just for a couple of days because I really need it,” read the ad.

All this month, Turner’s ad received a ton of press and opened up an opportunity for six of her classmates to get adopted.

In a gracious proposal, Hermsmeir agreed to adopt Turner, refusing the $8 dollars an hour.

Dailymail reported that Turner says this time of year is difficult for her because everyone shares how they enjoyed the holidays with their family, a pastime Turner has never experienced.

During her childhood, Turner suffered constant abuse at the hands of both of her parents and never received any love or affection.  Because of the violence in her home, Turner turned to the streets and found her self dabbling in gang activity and drug abuse.

After serving a short time in prison, Turner enrolled herself in Christian Encounter Ministries, a religious camp designed to rehabilitate troubled teens.  Upon her departure from the camp, Turner was accepted into William Jessup University where she maintains a 4.0 GPA.

With grin and all, Turner shared the news of her new mom at a mixer organized for students to meet their adopted families.  Luckily, the college student didn’t have to look far for her adopted family. Anita Hermsmeir works in student services at Turner’s school.

Turner says she has received emails from other teens who have stories quiet similar to her own.

“People are out there with the same heart inside of them,” she exclaimed. “Some of them with a greater drive then mine.

Congratulations Jackie. Watch her remarkable story here.